I ordered a pizza. The topping was plain pepperoni.

They said it would take half an hour to arrive at my house, and I said it was okay, but I was happy that it arrived in 25 minutes. You see here is the problem. The elevators were not working and I live on the third floor. The pizza guy was in such a hurry that he asked me if he could throw the pizza up instead of climbing up the stairs.

Unfortunately I missed and the whole pizza came crashing on the grass. He then got them to make another one. Again it was a 30 minute wait, but he came in 29 minutes. I asked him to throw the box up again because I am pretty sure that I could catch it.

He came prepared and secured the box with duct tape, yeah it fell a few times but on my fifth try I had the box. The toppings were all over, but hey, who cares it all tastes the same. I then threw my wallet down and he took $30 for the pizzas and threw the wallet back up at me. I did not mind paying for the spoiled pizza since I was the one that missed the box.

Anyways he only took $30 and threw the wallet back up with me. I then threw the wallet back down and told him to take a $5 tip. He was okay with this and we left.

I never got his name, but he was lazy, but then again I cannot complain because I was too lazy to go up and down the steps.

Review about: Pizza Hut Pizza.

Reason of review: good tossing skills, though I missed.

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You're a *** ***. Please don't reproduce.

Cottesloe, Western Australia, Australia #1256259

Now thats FUNNY! Sounds like my kinda people! Im laughing so hard the back of my ears are hurting!

Kutztown, Pennsylvania, United States #1241154

Yeah Zack sent me a message that he was needs approval before posting on this site. I see the same thing happened to you.

Triplet may remember upsetatdennys. He wrote a complaint about Denny's and was impersonated by KevinRichards. At first they claimed Kevin Richards has the right to call people retarded with the freedom of speech thing. That he has a right to make racial slurs, hom0phobic slurs.

I have a feeling that part of the reason these things are allowed is because the administrators of this site are hom0pobic themselves. They consider calling someone gai(y) an insult so they filter the word ga(y). They consider the word hom0sexual an insult so they filter the word hom0sexual. Denny was told that Kevin Richards was protected by freedom of speech.

Another poster on this site got the same message as you because he kept exposing Kevin for his multiple accounts. Every time someone tells everyone that Kevin Richards is posing as the OP their posts are deleted. Anyways instead of blabbering. Let me tell you what happened to Denny's.

Denny's was impersonated by Kevin. He made a complaint about Denny's. Kevin pretended to be him and claimed he beat his daughter because he was upset at Denny's. Upset at Denny's complained about this and was told that Kevin was using freedom of speech.

THen when he pointed out that this was impersonation not freedom of speech they deleted the posts and denied that the impersonating posts existed. When he told them he had screenshots they told him he was banned for breaking the rules, simply for standing up to this site and how is is poorly ran. The thing is James from Idaho is correct and people on this site are not breaking any laws. They have a right to ban for any silly reason.

Now if you paid money to use this site and they banned you for no reason you can take them to court and get your money back.

Kevin Richards accused me of being a *** because I contacted Fine Young Aiden who is 11. I am a teen myself, but I don't find that offensive since he basically accuses everyone of the same thing when they tell him off yet his posts are not deleted

to Peter99 #1272892

I constantly get "moderated" and my comments are often deleted, even when I have not used any profanity.


This has probably been my favorite review on this site.


Once again, Zack you made us all laugh.


This Is not exceptable at any level. The driver should have automatically walked up the stairs even If It was 100 floors.

I shore would have(yes It would have been a long walk up but that's His job).

I am a delivery driver and have had to go up 20 floors when the elevator was out and got no tip. It was my job to deliver the pizza to his door.

to Anonymous Kutztown, Pennsylvania, United States #1039093

Some people do not realize a troll review even when it bites them in the ***. But good point.

However if this was true, and the customer is okay with it than it is acceptable or exceptable, now you got me confused on the proper term.

to Peter Girard, Ohio, United States #1039096

Actually you are right, anonymous is wrong, the proper term is "acceptable". Who cares if it is acceptable or not, the customer got what he wanted, pizza, the pizza guy came prepared, the next time, and everyone is happy. As long as everyone is happy who gives a fudge.

to Anonymous England, United Kingdom #1039707

Hey, the customer wanted this method of delivery so they customer gets what they want. If I as a customer do not feel like answering the door want you to come in through the window you have to oblige.

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